Sex Swing Stands

screamer sex swing stand

Sex Swing Stand

CAD $570.03

Great Padding & Great for spinning

sex swing stand

Sex Swing Stand

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Single Hook Swing and Sling Stand

Sex Sling Stand

Sling Stand

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Portable Sling Stand

fetish swing stand

Swing Stand

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Use Your Swing Anywhere

Sex swing stands are all different. You really need to watch and not just buy any swing. For starters, different stands work with different swings.

When you buy a swing it will work with either 1 or 2 mounting points. Slings usually require 4 mounting points. Different stands have different numbers of mounting points. So if you purchase a dual hook swing and a frame with only 1 mounting point or one with 4 mounting points, it will not work.

Single Point Swing Stands

If you have a single hook sex swing or any spinning sex swing, then you need a frame that has a single hook mounting point. This would be the Trinity, TLC, Fetish or Screamer swing stands.

In comparing these things there are several important points

Hook Height

The height of the hook in the Trinity, TLC and the Fetish is only 7.6 feet (231 cm) and the Screamer hook is over 7 feet (213 cm) high. Depending on the swing you are using and how tall the user is, this could be an issue. For example, a Trinity or Fetish sex swing has less range of adjustment and that means the swing may not go high enough. Additionally, when you take into account the height of the bar, spring and hardware at the top of the swing, the bar will drop low enough that the bar may be right in your face or you may hit your head on it.

Universal Swing Stand


Assembly is fairly easy for both swing, but the Trinity, Fetish, and TLC require an Allen wrench to tighten 12 very small set screws. And I mean small. These screws are less than 1/4 long (6mm) long. So it is not uncommon for them to get lost. The Screamer, on the other hand, assembles with spring pins and 4 large knobs that are much more difficult to lose.


All of the stands disassemble in about 5 minutes but the Screamer folds a little smaller and has a storage bag included. The other stands have a cross piece in the center that does not lay flat so it may not fit under your bed.

Bondage Points

If you are into bondage or have a bondage sex swing, some of these stands have additional points where you can attach cuffs. The TLC and Fetish stands have 2 accessory mounting points at the top of the stand for cuffs. The Trinity has 4 additional points at the top of the stand. The Screamer Sex Swing Stand has 12 attachment points. On at the top, middle and bottom of each leg.

Dual Point Swing Stands

The great thing about dual hook swings is they have a lot of ways to install them compared to other swings, but if you choose to go the stand route, you limited to only the screamer stand as an option. It has 3 mounting points at the top of the swing so it works with a single or dual hook.

Screamer Dual Hook and Stand combo

As mentioned above in the single hook section, the Screamer Stand has a lot to offer including a height over 7' (220 cm), easy assembly, a storage bag, and 12 additional attachment points for bondage.

So if you have a dual hook swing, the Screamer sex swing stand is it.

4 Point Sling Stands

Sex slings require a special stand that has 4 mounting points. There are a few options for you the 4-point sling stand, the Trinity swing stand, and the Screamer stand plus door mounts.

4 point sling stand

The 4 point sling stand is a simple lightweight stand that holds a sex sling. I like this option over the Trinity because it has a narrower footprint. It is only 4 feet wide by 6 feet long compared to the trinity at over 7x7 feet (231x231 cm). 7 feet does not sound like a lot, but in a bedroom, that is a lot of space for most homes.

sex sling stand

Trinity Sex Swing Stand

The Trinity stand has 4 mounting points in the corners of the stand. These are designed to be used for slings. While this technically works, this is less than ideal. This stand was built as a swing stand and then they added these points as an afterthought to try to give the stand more options.

So while this will work for a sling, I find the distance between the head and foot ends of the sling to close. This makes the sling a lot less comfortable than it needs to be. These hooks are only about 3 feet (91cm) apart and they need to be more like 5 or 6 feet (152 to 183 cm). You can see in this picture how she just looks a little squished.

Using trinity stand for sling

Screamer Swing Stand + Door Mounts

I travel a lot and I take my swing stand with me, but I do not want to take a stand for swings and one for slings, so I use the Screamer stand for slings as well. A Screamer stand only has 2 mounting points, but I pair it with over the door mounts to hold the top of the sling. To demonstrate this, watch this video.


If you are looking to save a buck, check out our sex swing with stand combos.