Door Squatting

Door Squatting

Difficulty 5
  • Door Mounts
  • Door Swing with Primary Strap
The squatting attachments are one of the most popular attachments with sex swings. Unfortunately they do not work with door swings.... But NO WORRIES. In a door swing, you can do squats. It is effectively the same pose, but verticle. She can squat "over" him and push off the door effortlessly and slam back down onto him.
Compatible Swings

These swings can do this position out of the box.

Screamer Ultimate Kit
CAD $519.03
Possible Swings

These swings need additional accessories for this position.

Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing
CAD $275.00
Screamer Twist
CAD $374.46
Wild Side Sex Swing
CAD $142.76
Screamer Bondage Swing
CAD $429.83